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Updated:03-16-2023 01:41 AM
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SWTOR Controller Support
Version: 1.0
by: Mattarock [More]
For the Nay-Sayers that claim that controllers cannot be viable in MMO's due to "Button-Bloat"! To the people using Steam config and XPadder with simplified inputs!

On this day I present you thee the power of JoyToKey! Featuring 60+ keybind mappings including QuickBar 1-5 plus CompanionBar mapped. Including most target options, left and right clicks, right-stick mouse and camera controls and more!

Try this and you may not go back to keyboard ever again!

The UI is a modified version of Kylezo's Minimal All-Purpose UI.

All joking aside I just started playing and I dont know what functions are the most important. I just went with what sounds useful. Literally still in Origin Story on my first character just testing stuff for like 9 hours(wtf did I do this?).

Lmk any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, etc.
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