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21:9 Razer Naga+ Thumb Modifier UI
Version: 3.0
by: Vaclon [More]
This UI is used mainly for a Razer Naga in combination with thumb-keys or some other modifiers on the main keyboard.

Each of the bottom trays corresponds to the Naga's 12-button grid. Holding a left-sided modifier such as T6 on the Razer Anansi will lock you into the left column. Holding T7 or some other ride-sided modifier will lock you onto the right column.
Additionally gimmick-equipment has plenty of slots to the left and right of the three main bars so you can click on these non-essentials without much mouse travel.

The bottom panels are spaced and lack borders so the player can see any AOE's at their feet. This UI was originally to be used with my melee tank, and as such Target-of-Target is big and bold at the top of the screen so you know when your target loses aggro or switches targets.

My monitor is a 21:9 Aspect Ratio which will allow for optimal breathing room- but this UI can also be used on Eyefinity and 16:9 setups with some minor tweaking
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