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Spartan 4
Version: 1.0
by: MCurley12 [More]
This is my UI that I made to be similar to the Spartan UI from WoW. I like having my full screen free of static, and so everything is tucked away on the bottom and sides leaving the most room open in the center and top of the screen for viewing pleasure. It has not been made with Raid or Party interactions in mind, and so you may need to move those around for your pleasure, but I like this setup with the map right below my character and my keybindings set up the way they are. Screenshot does not show that the CM icon has been moved to a more convenient out of the way place.
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Wow! This is great! I've done the opposite, taken a swtor UI I like and re-made it for WoW lol. There are just some UI layouts that are too functional to live without. SpartanUI and MazzleUI are the two old WoW UIs I miss most. Well done
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